Academic and Artistic Pursuit

I'm interested in the way technology shapes us. Technically, sociologically, and pragmatically, I've always been fascinated by our tools and the way that they make the world function. I studied as a mechanical engineer because I wanted to build, but soon realized that the most interesting thing to me was not the tools or products themselves but instead why and how we as humans use those tools, and the implications of their use.

As a consultant, I discovered that my engineering knowledge could be put to practical use. Being technical in a business environment has immense benefits, from understanding the practical limitations of IoT and additive manufacturing to being able to learn, prototype, and demonstrate new technologies.

I became an academic-style researcher because of the rigor. I was a part of many quantitative and qualitative projects that seemed hand-wavy, and I saw the necessity to ground business research in a scientific method. I joined MIT to learn the basics and studied at Bentley to hone my skills.

Today, I strive to bring insights to large organizations about the future of sociotechnical thought - how humans and technology interactions will change for better or worse. Only by understanding the nature of our relationship with our tools can we understand where we as a society are headed.

While my career is driven by the future, my art is driven by the present. Through my lens, I capture the emotions, moments, and feelings of how people do life. Throughout this site, you'll see examples of portrait, documentary, and street photography that I've taken over the years.